A Truthful Existence – Manifesto

A Truthful Existence – Tarot Readings & Workshops

The mission of A Truthful Existence is to help people align their inner and outer worlds. This service provides tarot readings primarily and will soon be offering workshops. Watch here for details of forthcoming events explaining how the 10 Steps Manifesto came about. Unlock hidden passions and hidden potential that can help heal your soul. By embracing our passions we can open ourselves up to the feeling of living ‘a truthful existence’.

       Do you feel in alignment with your authentic self?

Self-awareness will come by acknowledging your desires but also because you take direct action that tells the universe exactly what you want. There is a universal energy, obvious through ‘cause and effect’, which responds to our ‘signal’. Anything aligned with the authentic self, that has been acknowledged, can be nurtured over time and provide you with a wonderful sense of living life truthfully. 

      Ready to discover more? 

Click through the tabs to see if anything resonates with you, if so, it would be great to hear from you, contact atruthfulexistence@gmail.com

Isabel Amber of A Truthful Existence


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