I am here to remind you about the importance of freewill and to encourage you to make choices in alignment with your authentic self. Why does it matter? Because you have come here perhaps looking for a deeper connection to your soul and want to know what your life purpose is. I believe that the truth and answers you seek can be found in your passions.

‘A Truthful Existence’ Is Born
Ten years ago I had a calling to explore the idea of what it means to live ‘a truthful existence’ for myself and it wouldn’t go away until it gave it ‘air time’. Although that’s when the journey officially started in my mind, I am sure various pursuits before then were a subconscious quest for answers too. After about five years of delaying the process, I finally started to take the quest seriously and made it top priority in my life. So, what happens when you make finding your truth the number one priority? The short answer is it drives you insane. The long answer is that you wonder why you have been hiding this from yourself for so long and, also that you cannot imagine unknowing this.

My truth-seeking is personal to me and is heavily influenced by the work of some well-known philosophers yet because I also have a penchant for comedy and artistic expression, the arts would inevitably steer the direction of my investigative work as well. In addition, I consciously seek spiritual development, through both conventional and unconventional means to realign with the ‘inner self’. This includes studying the relationship between astronomical phenomena and humans through the art of divination. Astrology is calculable and is very closely related to mathematics, falling under the category of metaphysics. I am interested in the patterns and relationships of planets in motion and the make up of elements because the findings and symbolism tie into the art of tarot reading, which focuses more on the mythical power of the astral world. You can ask me for a tarot card reading when the page is set up on this website.

Formula for ‘A Truthful Existence’
Through self-made discoveries, which I spent years documenting, I have developed a simple guide for anyone wanting to find out their truth, their purpose, their raison d’etre. You know as well as I do that you have to do the journey for yourself and you’ll be doing it YOUR way, not mine. The guide is meant to be a fun way to explore yourself through an artistic movement, akin to the French philosophy of ‘Avant Garde’. Below is my own suggested formula for living ‘A Truthful Existence’ put into a few simple words because I fancied a logical summary to my version of living it. The skill and passion will be different for everyone and the feeling of living a truthful existence cannot be fully explained because it is in fact spiritually gifted.

Skill + Passion = A Truthful Existence