Creative Thinking

Skill + Passion = A Truthful Existence

You can definitely build upon your existing creativity by giving yourself new challenges in your approach to thinking. This might help unblock beliefs that you’ve come as far as you can regarding a hobby. It is well known that by training yourself on thinking using both logic and intuition, visualization and reasoning you will be able to make a better use of this ultimate computer called the brain.

“Everyone uses both sides of their brains to process information. While the right side of the brain remembers the gist of an experience or the big picture, the left side of the brain recalls the details. Complex cognitive functions require the brain regions to work in integrated fashion, shifting between divergent and convergent thinking to combine new information with old and even forgotten knowledge. People may feel more comfortable looking at concepts over minutiae, and vice versa, but the more easily you shift between both sides, the more complex a creative a thinker you can be.” DEBRA KAYE

You need to be using your whole brain to make the most of your passions (encompassing the left and right brains). Your intelligence is an amalgamation of  both sides; it is the left and right using their opposing energies that naturally want to come together to provide whole brain thinking. The left provides the will, the logic, the facts, science, the provable. The right brings creativity, imagination, faith and love.

Try to put yourself in a situation and frame of mind where you feel whole brain thinking can come into focus. You will feel a certain kind of energy within, that gives you a sense of conviction. I also call this ‘the place of no doubt’. When the focus is apparent and skill development is underway, think about whether you can cultivate the ‘right conditions’ I mentioned on the point of philosophy page, to enhance your feeling of a truthful existence.

If you are faced with adversity, materially or spiritually then strength is required within to draw upon your own supportive resources. Find some faith and will, know your strengths and weaknesses, aim to know both sides of the coin and develop your skill at your own pace because surely enough, a spark will ignite one day and nothing will stop you creating your passion at whim!

The below list is an example of opposing energies that we feel within whilst creating, but its endless. You might want to research duality in text books, but basically consider the contrasts in concepts. Your aim is to ‘marry’ and work with them.

Consciousness Image