10 Step Manifesto

A Truthful Existence salutes your authentic self and celebrates your creativity and imagination. This manifesto is designed to boost individual sense of purpose thereby benefiting the collective soul consciousness. We are all part of this collective intelligence and love. I simply encourage you to rise above your own perceived limitations and to know yourself intuitively by indulging in your passions and interests in a very unique way.     

A Truthful Existence – 10 Step Manifesto

1) Embrace ‘Avant-Garde’

Have you ever had an awakening moment from quitting a job, ending a relationship or changing your habits? It can be scary but there is a sense of relief and excitement as you shake yourself back to your ‘self’. Going back to square one or starting over is like getting a free pass. You can re-enter the world as you again!

Ready to get creative? Allow your originality to flow through by embracing arts and culture in your own unique way. Take inspiration from the artists who started the ‘Avant-Garde’ movement with the aim of expressing their authentic selves.

Avant-Garde is a concept of art that sees the creative act as the cult of originality and novelty. It is a progress depending essentially on a rejection of the past.

Forget that you are your name, your age, your job and any other label society has provided for you. Be open to the idea of self-awareness and how it can help you.

You are the most relaxed version of yourself that believes in your genius. Having the will to go deeper and explore your soul is enough to get started!

2) Connect To Your Inner Self

What do you know to be true for yourself and what doesn’t feel right.  The Avant-Garde is about being experimental, radical, or unorthodox, pushing boundaries and testing limits, so explore the depths of your passions to create and reach hidden talent whilst remaining true to yourself.

(NB We have an outer “official” and therefore distorted self (the human ego) and a true, pure inner self which must be protected from the outside world.  The inner self is a timeless state of “being” where you are focused on the present moment, without fear of the future and without a shadow of the past.)

Conventional and unconventional methods out there give you the chance to realign with your inner self, your inner ‘sat-nav’ if you like, which always knows the best decision for you. Everything from a book to a monastic silence is out there!

Re-evaluate passions, goals, negative beliefs about yourself and limitations with regards to Money, Relationships, Social Life.

Intuitive knowing is an immersion of the soul into the universal current of life. The universe will conspire to help you, so do recognise it.

Know yourself intuitively and find what resonates with you so that you are ready for Step 3.

Suggested reading – Becky Walsh’s “You Do Know”

3) Write The “I AM” List

The purpose of the “I AM” list is to help you realise your passions in life, that help you to live in the present moment, where peace of mind resides.

Your passions for example could be “art, music, cycling, foraging, DJ’ing, boxing, pottery, poetry etc”

These are not necessarily things you are “good” at. Anything important to you goes on the list, everything on the list that makes you feel alive.

Examples: I am growing vegetables. I am walking my dog.  I am collecting pebbles. I am watching the stars. I am a poet. I am a philosopher. I am Paris. I am spirituality. I am watching Game of Thrones. (I am in the 1 percent of the population that hasn’t ever seen an episode actually!) These are just examples!

Have a love affair with each item on the list; find your original connection with each one, taking direction only from yourself and try not to copy exactly as someone else has done. Try mixing two or three of them that you wouldn’t think are related in any way. This is how people often find their unique selling point in business. In what way do you embrace your passions? has anyone even commented on it? Does it make you feel completely whole inside?

As Oscar Wilde said “You might as well be yourself as everybody else is taken.”

Think laterally and not literally, so enjoy the passions and interests in the way that YOU can enjoy them.  Expression is personal to YOU.  Keeping experimenting to see what sticks.

4) Create A Character

From your ‘I AM’ list pick a couple of passions you can create a character out of for those moments in which you can ask – what your character would do?

For example I am “The dancing philosopher” (A mixture of what makes me tick – philosophy and music)

Are you “the boxing poet” or “the DJ’ing forager”

Indulge this character a little and watch self confidence grow. Try a nickname out, write a blog as your alter-ego if you are shy.

5) Play With Your Inner Child

Give yourself full permission to bring play into your daily life.  After all, joy is the precursor to success.  How often has inspiration struck at an inopportune moment?  where you were enjoying doing something else.

Your unwatched inner child lives purposefully, without realising, doesn’t over think things, knows exactly what he or she is and wants, so reconnect.

Relaxing with ‘play’ allows your subconscious to indulge the intuitive talent, knowledge and abilities you have, transmitting non-verbal clues on to conscious logic, combining two powerful energies.

Let that imagination of yours run wild.  Sing while hoovering, dance like nobody’s watching.  You might unlock major creative potential you can package or unleash into your life, adding value to existing tasks.

6) Reflect On Your Art

What is in the art that is in you? How does it mirror your unique outlook, talents, and abilities? (‘Art’ is anything you have created from the “I AM” list)

Look at everything you created whilst embracing your passions. What does the result reveal about yourself?  Have you a way with words? or a skill for assembling or arranging?

From this process, I took that I should use dance on a daily basis to unwind. I also found out that listening to music heightens my intuition and stirs my inner poet and philosopher; I find myself writing streams of consciousness whilst songs play. This is my original connection to music. It is when my light switches on! I feel focused and ready to create because I’ve got the skill AND passion.

The Truth is in Art! Be creative and examine your creativity! Make it work for you.

7) Observe Yourself In Life’s Art

See ‘beauty in the moment’ around you and understand why it resonates with you. What hits your truth in that moment? All the moments that intrigue you are revealing of you and your truth.

Notice how the world seems to slow down when we feel a sense of universal “connection” with others, because something has made us “happy” or made us “think”?

Nobody can show us ourselves like other people! Sometimes we are enjoying the secret smile on a stranger who has just received a message and find ourselves laughing or smiling with them, which is a reflection of our own happiness. Life’s art is a mirror to our soul reflecting back our truth.

Take the observations of your creativity into ‘the real world’. Jot down actual life moments that trigger emotional responses within – treating the brain like a video recorder. What title would you give each piece of art? Be the watcher of your own thoughts and enjoy this natural self awareness.

8) Help Others Seek Their Truth

Ask others why they enjoy a particular passion. They might surprise themselves with their answer and get some Truth themselves.

When others talk about their interests and passions ask them quite simply ‘why’? I think we fail to ask ‘why’ to ourselves most of the time, so ‘why’ not do it for others.

‘Why?’ hits the bullseye of Truth.

I would certainly encourage others to embrace any curiosity they might have about finding a truthful existence. The best way of sharing this is just by being you, your authentic self. Being comfortable with your ‘self’ has a positive effect on those afraid of being their true ‘selves’.

9) Dare Yourself In Public

Take one of your passions in public.

Which passion on your list did you enjoy experimenting with the most? Now where will you take it? Join that course, say ‘yes’ to something new that challenges you! 😉

Endless possibilities and floods of Truth pour out to enjoy.

10) Be Your Truth 24/7

Keep the Avant-Garde movement within you by continuing to find things that resonate with you and give rise to a personal revolution, sense of purpose and sustained ability to appreciate living in the moment with all around you.

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