Point of Philosophy

Skill + Passion = A Truthful Existence

Passion comes with the development of skills in the right conditions

Passion can reveal ‘a truthful existence’ in that once you feel delighted with your creative output, everything seems to make sense and life appears to ‘flow’.

If you do not already know your passion, and struggle to find a sense of purpose, this website might be able to help you. I have created a ten step guide on ways to help find your passion; it is under the tab ’10 Step Manifesto’.

Work your way through those, which involves trying out various skills until you get a ‘match’ and passion is ignited!
Remember the formula. Skill + Passion = A Truthful Existence.

Keep trying skill after skill and once development is underway in ‘the right conditions’ passion emerges and you will enjoy ‘a truthful existence’. The advantageous ‘right conditions’ include some of the following:

  • biological genes;
  • the surrounding environment;
  • tools at your disposal;
  • encouragement received;
  • an outstanding teacher;
  • belief in yourself;
  • repeated practice!

Some lucky ones just seem to hit the ground running, like they were born knowing and understanding where and how to apply themselves; perhaps as a result of divine intervention and timing.

We can’t all wait around for divine gifts so why not take control of your own destiny and give yourself a sense of purpose. After all, what if by taking control you lead the way to divine intervention and a truthful existence.

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