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A Truthful Existence – Tarot Readings are available via telephone or in person – please inquire via the contact form or email [email protected]

Strong beliefs held by A Truthful Existence:-

On life’s journey, fate will give you tests and opportunities to help you grow, reach your full potential and understand your destiny. Sometimes we will feel torn, at a crossroads or generally a bit lost, looking for direction. What if I told you that you always hold the power to create your reality? that by choosing carefully, listening to your own intuition, you can feel guided by something bigger than you, that feels like it is working with you and for you, in alignment with your true nature and calling. Your world is one you create through what you believe to be true for yourself. And as soon as you learn to see your truth through divine messages, you’ll feel at home wherever you go. Empowerment and self-belief comes from knowing who you are and walking tall with conviction.

Tarot card readings can entertain and uplift you whilst the experience will help you reflect upon the direction you are headed. Does it stay in alignment with your dreams and goals? The choice is always yours.

Clients are reminded about the power of freewill during readings and are encouraged to make choices that stay in alignment with their authentic self, bringing them closer to their truth and destiny.

Reviews {Isabel from ‘A Truthful Existence’ also known as ‘Saturn’ through ‘Spiritual Events’}

“I’ve consulted Isabel regarding challenging work politics and my dating life. She’s provided great counsel that has helped me to step forwards with greater awareness and confidence.” – Marie C

“I have never came across anyone who is so accurate with their tarot card reading. Isabel is one of the most spiritual and most gifted ladies I have ever got to know. Back in 2013 I had my first tarot card reading. I didn’t need to tell her all my life details. Isabel told me all. It seems she can see my soul. The best part was the accuracy and the feeling of being ‘connected’ . Connected to the cards, to the energy, to the universe. Isabel  has a special gift. She taps into your energy. I felt Isabel is reading my mind, knows my past, present and future. I am highly surprised and amazed by this gifted lady! I highly recommend Isabel, she does tarot card readings together in align to astrology.  Your mind will be blown away! Trust me, as I am doing my readings with Isabel for the last 4 years and I would never go to other readers!” – Sigita B

“I often turn to Isabel in times of confusion. Her readings are always helpful, she helps me see what I need to do next in my journey.” – Lisa S

“I would really recommend Isabel’s services. I found her to be very intuitive and her reading was extremely insightful and en point. Her approach is warm and friendly but more importantly honest. I felt calmer and more settled after speaking with her which was just what I needed. She gave me some really valuable perspectives which helped massively.” – Charlie H

“The tarot card reading that I had with Isabel was my first ever experience and I found it really interesting and valuable. I was quite excited but nervous! Isabel is thoroughly professional and reassuring and the reading she gave was really insightful. I would highly recommend anyone to give it a go!” – Amanda S

“My family and I booked with Isabel for a tarot reading. I was glad that our first experience of this was with Isabel as she was very friendly and has a calm and spiritual way about her. We all enjoyed our experience and could relate to the reading in more ways than one. Would highly recommend her to anyone considering a tarot reading.”  – Jenny B

“I really enjoyed my tarot session with Isabel. She gave clear explanations and was incredibly insightful with her reading. She gave me a lot to ponder on and I’d definitely like to book another reading with her in the future. Highly recommended.” Heather S

Thank you so much for my 4 card tarot reading, I am waiting to see what happens.
I’m feeling much happier after reading it, a lot of it is so exact,” Thank you Jeanette

“Such a quick response for my email reading, and she approached my reading in a careful and sensitive way. The insights provided seemed highly relevant and provided much food for thought. I would definitely recommend Isabel.” Many thanks Rachel

“The reading I received was very good value for money and it was delivered in the said time frame. I am a professional Tarot reader and I informed my reader of this prior to the reading. Isabel is an amazingly powerful intuitive empath and an astute and accurate reader of cards. She gave me information and analysis in my reading that was so accurate it was jaw dropping. She drew parallels between events, motivations and emotions in my life that I have never thought of before but which make perfect sense when I think of them. As a reader myself, I can tell that Isabel knows the cards inside out and back to front – knowledge that enables her to give authoritative but compassionate readings. I was very excited and inspired by Isabel’s reading. Her caliber is so high that I am confident that this wonderful site offers nothing but the most competent and gifted readers for its clientele. I am delighted I found this site, I will be a frequent client and I will be requesting the services of Isabel for all of my readings as she is a very gifted, very intelligent and very eloquent reader who can see right to the heart of the matter very quickly and I know she will not disappoint you.” C x

If you are interested in any of the services below, please make inquiry via email: [email protected]

Note – I am not a fortune teller – I am a psychic-intuitive guide to facilitate you on your path to clarity, healing and self realisation.

All payments are made via paypal ahead of readings. Tarot readings are for entertainment purposes only.